X-MINI UNO -Miniscule speaker with a stylish design

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Posted by Aman Jain

X-mini Uno

The X-mini Uno is a cylindrical portable speaker with a unique minuscule footprint . Measuring just 60x47mm, it looks cute. To make the speaker durable, the X-mini has a brushed aluminium base, this comes in myriad colours. The product’s design has already garnered it some prestigious awards, including the Red Dot and the IF.

Channelling the sound is a silicon cylinder which connects the base with the top. Weighing just 112g, the Uno is feather light and is easy to carry around. It is available in six vibrant colours including blue, green, gunmetal, red, orange and purple. 

The X-MINI UNO blister pack,contains the speaker unit along with a hard copy manual, a cute sticker, a usb to 3.5mm cord and a silk bag for protecting the unit.All controls sit in a circle on the base of the unit, these include a 3.5mm port for connecting with a computer, a mini usb port to charge the internal battery, an on/off slider, a 3.5mm out, volume dial and a blue LED for indicating the status.Unfortunately, the unit doesn’t have a capability to connect to the source wirelessly. 

Connecting the speaker with any mobile X-MINI UNO device or computer is easy using the 3.5mm in/out port. The Uno uses a ceramic tweeter for better clarity, according to designers, ceramic tweeters have several advantages including lower distortion, wider frequency and better mid and low level output compared to aluminium tweeters.

The speaker produces decent output at mid and low levels without losing details.But in highs, it clearly lacks enough bass. Though you should not expect great bass and treble from such a tiny device, but considering the price a little more punch was expected. The 500mAh internal battery gives a long playback time. In our test, it lasted for 17 hours. The unique design, great built and attractive colour makes it an ideal choice for customers who are bothered more about looks than quality.


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