Scrapping Tools in Orkut: ScrapBoy

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Serious orkut users with a large friends networkwould feel a strong itch to scrap frequently.For such a person,dedicated software like scrapboy would be worth every kb of its 25 MB download.On installing and running Scrapboy you are presented with an IM Client Esque interface.You log in using your Orkut accountand the friends details from the orkut site are downloaded and shown.As in IM clients there are two windows one shows the friends and the other shows the scraps and allows replying to them.Text formatting can be easily done as in case of IM clients.
While a check for new scraps is made on logging in this is not repeated ,so you need to frequently click on the “Click here to retrieve new scraps” link.Other that this Scrapboy offers a convenient way to indulge in Scrapping.ScrapBoy can be downloaded from the site
To view the Scrapboy community page in Orkut, visit: