Calibrate your monitor's color

Monday, May 21, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Obtaining true to life color on your display can be an expensive task that requires special hardware and software.Here's how to get more accurate color out of your monitor without spending an arm and a leg.
First download the free Monitor Calibration Wizard( .When you run the wizard it will walk you through several special tests.
Afterward save teh profile under the load Profile Box and check the box next to Load at Windows startup.Your color will be corrected to new profile each time you boot.You may not notice much of a difference though unless your monitor was seriously out of whack to begin with .
Additional free color correction tools exist for specific video card brands .RivaTuner ( is primarily designed for systems with nVidia cards (through the GeForce 7 card series )while ATiTool( is the counterpart for ATI cards (to get color correction support for cards released in the last 12 months or so ,download the beta version of this free tool).


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