Email clients and their utility

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Despite Instant messaging ,SMS and other new forms of communication,the de facto way of keeping in touch is still email.Email’s importance hasn’t diminished a bit and still its the lifeline of many businesses. The simplest way of checking and sending email from anywhere is by using web based email.In this case you need to be online and log on to the Web site of your email provider-such as Gmail, Rediffmail and so on.However there are times when you can connect to the internet for only once in a while :in such situations web based email solutions cannot be relied upon.In another scenario you have a company email account and you are connected to the internet all the time .Why should you log on to the website each time you want to check the mail?Its preferable to just let the email come into your inbox as and when it is received.Here is where Email clients come in.
When you send an email,it goes to the email server and is stored there .An Email client retrieves the mail from the server to the computer.Not only does an email client let you view your email when you are offline,it also lets you to compose email without having been connected.Mails composed offline can be sent across when you connect to the internet.For the people who use Email clients they must be definitely hooked to Outlook or Outlook Express. However there are many other popular email clients too.
These are –
RimArts Inc’s Becky! Internet Mail,
Qualcomm’s Eudora,
IncrediMail Xe,
MemeCode’s i.Scribe
Opera Mail Client ,
Microsoft Outlook 2003,
Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0,
RITLABS S.R.L’s The Bat!Home Edition
and Mozilla Thunderbird.
So friends Email clients are worth giving a shot!