Fractals - Unimaginable and stunning patterns

Monday, May 07, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Print exciting Fractal Patterns on your T shirt or paste them on your room walls

Back in 1976 Mandelbrot wrote some code and there appeared on his screen something very interesting .He double checked the code as he thought there was something wrong –but there it was staring him in his face.He had discovered Fractals-Mathematical patterns of unmatched beauty.
Fractals are structures arising from extremely simple mathematical formulas .They are really trippy,fun and addictive .You can preferably create your own Fractal and Print it on your T shirt or hang out interesting frames of Fractals in your house.
Fractals are self repeating .They carry themselves within them.Some say Fractals describe the structure of the universe. There are Fractal Programs available like Fractal Forge(FF) and Fractint.Fractint is much older ,well known Fractal generating program .FF is newer and the UI is more user friendly.The fact is its numbers working their magic!
So when you Fire up say ,Fractal Forge you get an interesting looking Fractal called Mandelbort set .Zoom in and you will see deep inside the same shape you saw in the beginning .Tiny little lots of buggers and swirling around them are rings ,rivers ,beaches ,islands.
Different Fractals can be generated using different Mathematical Formulas (like sine ,cosine).The key structure of Fractal is that its self repeating.Note teht you will have to set high values for the number of iterations as you zoom in further or you wont get real picture.
Natural Fractals
Fractals showcase nature.Nature abounds in fractal formations.
See the java applet at
And from second iteration itself you will see what looks like a snowflake.
Mountains ,leaves,Snowflakes are all Fractals.
And for more interesting Fractals.
Go and Explore the Fractal Forge Software and create very interesting and stunning images to print on you T shirt or to paste on your room wall.