Made For Adsense (MFA)

Thursday, May 10, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Esentially ,Google is what is known as a scraper site.It uses web scraping,that is,it makes the use of web crawlers to index content in the form of search results.Now this is a fair and legal use of other people’s content.that is, for the purpose of indexing .However ,some scraper sites make use of the scraped content and plagiaries it for their own use.
How do they use this content?

Essentially ,an illegal scrapper site Is created for monetizing content from Adsense .Such a site is in the parlance called an MFA or Made for Adsense site.Scrapers take content from sites that have highly searched keywords and use them to generate high revenue clicks from unknowing users who click on these sites thinking them to be some other legitimate sites for example,the site is a shopping site that claims to offer great prices on a host of products .But the links displayed are almost all Adsense Ads.So anything you click is an adsense click for the webmaster of Everyrule ,who is making money off these clicks.

Visit for a whole bunch of Blacklisted MFA sites.


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