Microsoft to Introduce the 'Split Screen' Technology

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Folks at Microsoft Research Lab India (MSR) are just about to cross another big milestone.

After recently innovating with the use of multiple mice on a single computer .MSR now aims to make two or three people work on a single computer with seperate Operating system.Termed as Split Screen technology ,this application is now being tested at MSR.Although Split Screen technology is not an entirely new concept ,the software giant is taking its first few steps towards the commercialisation of this idea.

Work on Split Screen technology began late last year when researchers at MSR realised that small business,shops and all enterprises with one computer had more users .Either they could not afford another computer or the need to buy a new computer simply did not arise ,espcially as the work was mere data entry .Researchers at MSR now feel that the cost of additional keyboard two people can use two PCs by looking at a common monitor.

"The technology is more apt for a developing country scenario .We are now testing various aspects like distraction and the privacy involved when two people see the same screen for different things.While the initial feedback has been good te utility of this technology is most crucial "Explained Udal Singh Pawar ,assistant researcher at MSR.