Sharpcast keeps your Photocollection in Sync

Monday, May 14, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

For an intriguing combination of image editing and organizing software,plus a web service for sharing your images,SharpCast Photos is the ticket.But what makes Sharpcast Photos special is the way it automatically updates your data wherever you access it,so any change you make to a designated photo collection gets shared among the various PCs and mobile Devices that you use to access your account.This approach to syncing is impressive.
The beta version of Sharpcast offers 5 GB of online storage for free.You can sign up online and download the software component.The app works with Windows PCs and with Windows Mobile 5.0 smart phones,and it lets you organize photos in albums,share them with friends and handle basic editing tasks such as cropping and red eye reduction.
Changes you make to your photo collection –via the web service or via the desktop or mobile software –get shared all over .Sharpcast has no tagging system to organize photos though,But still ,sharpcast provides a terrific way to sunc and share photos.(
To down load the sharpcast desktop software go to