What can you search on Google Mars?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Google Mars has nine different features you can use.

Search for regions(if you know any !) or simply click on the Regions Tag,which shows the 33 different regions on Mars surface .The search can be limited to current region accessed by the user.When you click on the name of any region,an info cloud appears on the map.The cloud contains information about feature like the region Type,location ,size,year in which it was named and what it was named after.For Example ,the cloud for Noachis Terra shows the following information:
Feature:Noachis Terra
Type :Terra ,terrae
Named in:1979
Named for:Biblical:Noah’s region

Like regions the landing sites of the spacecrafts on the mars can also be searched .The method of searching remains the same.The information provided for each spacecraft includes its name ,location,launch date and the result of the mission.

If you are interested in stories related to particular places click on the stories feature.There are 118 stories available.

Mountains ,Plains,Canyons,Ridges,Dunes and Craters
When you search for these you’ll find articles on each of them with the respective source and the date mentioned.
You can find more information about mars on http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/
At the center of Google Mars,there is a gigantic mosaic of Mars created with 17000 individual infrared photos at a scale that can show details as close as 750 feet across!