Create Dual Monitor Setup

Saturday, June 23, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

A 19 inch widescreen is nice but two of them make it better .If you already have a 19 inch wide screen monitor and are looking for a bigger screen ,a dual monitor setup is a good option.
The only requirement for a dual monitor is a video cards with dual outputs. Most of the VGA cards sold in the market today provide dual outputs so getting one should not be a problem .Both Nvidia and ATi drivers support dual monitors and configuring them is a straight forward affair.You can select between various modes ,the “Horizontal span” mode spans your desktop across two monitors ,giving you double the resolution .ATI also provides similar setting to implement dual monitor mode.
You can use all that extra space to multitask more effectively without having to toggle between tasks .Do remember that it is crucial to ensure that both monitors have the same screen size ,native resolution and specifications for best results It is strongly recommended the use of two monitors of exact same make to obtain the best dual monitor experience