How to use Google talk for sending and recieving messages.

Saturday, June 16, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Step 1…
START BY PAYING A visit to the Google Talk website at Click the Download Google Talk button and save the Googletalksetup.exe file to the Windows desktop . When the down load is complete ,double click the installation file ,indicate your agreement to the terms of the licence agreement and the installation will continue and Google Talk will launch .Enter your Gmail username and password and then click the Sign in button to start using the program . If you don’t already have a Gmail account ,ask among friends and family – some one will be sure to offer you an invite .The world of computing has gone communications crazy and there are now countless email , instant messaging and voice –messaging services .Google has already earned millons of fans thanks to its powerful internet search engine and other handy tools . Expanding on the communication theme is Google Task ,a combined instant – messaging and voice –chat tool ,which is competing with the likes of Yahoo Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger ,For the time being ,a Gmail account is needed to get started with GoogleTalk and although it’s not possible to create a new account at the Gmail website , anyone who already has an account can invite other users to create one of their own.

ONCE SIGNED IN, A List of online contacts will be displayed in the Google Talk window – indicated with a green icon To start a text based (ie typewritten) conversation with a contact click their name and a new messaging window will open.In this mode it is possible to type messages to each other ,and any previous conversations are shown above the current conversations. Sending a new massage is a simple matter of typing in the text box at the bottom of the conversation window and then pressing Enter.

In the middle of a conversation, it is also possible to send an
e-mail to the contact you’re talking to. Click the Email button at the top
of the conversation window and Gmail will open with a blank email
with the address field filled in with the relevant details. As Google Talk
does not directly support file transfers in the way that MSN
Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger do, this is a handy way to send
Files to others by attaching them to files.

ONE OF THE KEY features of Google Talk is the voice conversations
Option. As with MSN messenger and others, you’ll need a headset
with a microphone to use this feature. During a text-based exchange,
click the Call button at the top of the screen;or,as an alternative, click
the telephone icon next to a contact in the main program window.
The call recipient will need to click the Accept button to talk; it is also
possible to click Ignore if it is an inconvenient time. During a voice
conversation, use the Mute button to shut off the microphone, and
when the conversation is over, click End Call.

TO CONFIGURE GOOGLE TALK options, click the Settings button in the main program window . In the General section , it is possible to decide whether Google Talk should be launched when Windows starts or not , as well as opting to show Gmail contacts in the contacts list. It should not be necessary to change any audio settings ,but if there are problems with audio conversations , make sure the correct input and output settings are selected in that section . The Settings screen can also be uses to change the notifications Google Talk will display.
GOOGLE TALK WILL automatically report your online
availability to contacts. Click the arrow next to Available in the
main program window and select from pre-defined status
messages or enter a custom one. When a new mail arrives in your
Gmail inbox, a notification will be displayed in the Notification
Area of the Taskbar. Alternatively, right-click the GoogleTalk icon
In the Notification Area to check for mail or visit the Gmail site at
any time.