Graphics Card for TFTs

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Most Modern graphics cards will include both DVI and VGA connection , but older PC’s and graphics cards may only have a VGA interface .So, to cater for older PC’s many TFT monitors also have both VGA and DVI interfaces .But if we use the TFt monitor with its VGA interface it’s the worst condition.Lets see how?
As the VGA interface can only handle an analogue signal , so a PC’s graphics card has to convert the digital signal into analogue signal before sending it over to the VGA cable to the monitor.But the TFT monitor is a digital device ,so the analogue signal then has to be converted back to the digital format, hence affecting the image quality.To get the best picture you will have to use the DVI interface on both the monitor and the CPU.This allows the PC to send a pure digital signal straight from the graphics card to the TFT monitor ,with no conversion hence no risk of degrading the image. There is no need to panic if your PC’s graphics card does’nt have a DVI interface .The image quality you get through the VGA interface will be perfectly useable-it just won’t have the pristine sharpness and clarity of the original signal created by the PC’s graphics card.
There are now quie a few TFT monitors on sale that only have DVI interfaces .Needless to say you can use these monitors only if your graphics card also has a DVI interface ..

If you currently have a CRT monitor and you are happy with it then you don’t need to worry too much about DVI .But if you like the idea of a space saving TFt monitor , it really makes sense to use the DVI option rather than the old fashioned VGA interface .Remember you are going to spend a lot of time staring at that screen , so your eyes deserve the sharpest clearest image you can give them!!