Santa Rosa Vs Puma

Monday, August 20, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

On May 9 , Intel launched their Santa Rosa mobile Platform , and rivals AMD gave out the details of their PUMA mobile platform, expected to be in market by 2008.It seems AMD’s primary reason for announcing Puma was to take on Intel’s Santa Rosa and the upcoming Montevina platform .AMD has finally started developments specially for mobile platform from ground up .
Since the first generation Centrino ,Intel has placed an emphasis on adding new technologies such as cool running ,Turbo memory and other features such as power savings and longer battery life .Santa Rosa will sport an Intel core 2 duo 64 bit merom based 65 nm processor ,later to be replaced by 45 nm chips .Opposed to that AMD is gearing towards enhancing performance without compromising on battery life .Puma will have their first ever microprocessor code named Griffin specifically designed for mobile platforms ,with two Turion 64 x 2 cores on a 65 nm chip , a revamped NorthBridge with a HyperTransport 3 controller , and a reworked onboard DDR2 memory controller.
Griffin’s Cores are located on separate planes ,and any one of eleven independent power states are functional for either of the cores made possible through the memory controller .

Santa Rosa includes Turbo memory technology offering 20 percent reduction in booting ,half the time for loading most used programs and more .Switching off of cores when not required can be achieved even with the memory manager working at low voltage.This feature is not very different with what is offered with Intel’s core 2 duo .R shivakumar managing director Intel stated that the centrino duo platform powering consumer laptops will allow for faster digital content uploads from the internet delivering up to 5 times the performance needed for such tasks s downloads and twice the wireless access range .