How to maintain your Printer?

Saturday, September 15, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Inkjet and laser printers may be relatively trouble-free compared to their forerunners, but they are still complex collections of precision components and moving parts. Fortunately, it only takes a little care and know-how to keep them humming along. Here, we'll explore some ways to prevent printer problems and cure them when they crop up.


The best problem is the one that never occurs. Many printer problems are avoided with a little common sense, such as regular cleaning and choosing quality printer paper.


It's easier to keep your printer clean than to try and remove accumulated gunk when it becomes a problem. The easiest way to keep a printer clean is to drop a dust cover or towel over it when it's not in use (don't cover it while it's running or it can overheat.) In addition, keep beverages, cigarette smoke, and messy kids and pets away from the machine. To clean your printer, all you should need is a clean, lint-free cloth and maybe a tiny vacuum cleaner.

Always make sure the printer is off, unplugged, and cool before you work on it. Carefully wipe down the outside and then the inside of the printer. Avoid any sensitive parts the manual or warning labels point out, but don't neglect the cooling fan and its grill.


Keep your printer's paper dry and clean by storing it in its original packaging. Only buy high-quality paper


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