Automatic Photo Tagging(riya)

Monday, October 15, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

A new service from Redwood City ,California called Riya has dveloped a software which can recognize who is in the picture and tag it with their names .Photos can be uploaded to Riya from hard drives ,Yahoo! Photos, Picasa ,Flickr, Outlook, Friendster , and Myspace along with email attachments such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo!Mail. The results are very impressive and the software can differentiate between identical twins and spot family members .

Ofcourse to tag the photos the software needs to be trained .The training software is available on the internet .The user will train the software by identifying or tagging individuals in their photos .As the software earns who is in the picture it begins to autotag photographs quickly ,canning the rest of your photos and identifying each person it can recognize.Friends may search eachother images and even add their own tags.

The link is