Google Themes get skinnable!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Recently Google has added a new feature of providing Dynamic themes for the Google Personalized Home Pages.Dynamic Themes change the prosaic look of Google Personalized pages and they have a modest effect on the colour scheme of Google Gadgets but the basic Googley effect still remains.There are a grand total of six themes now involving subjects like "Seasonal Scape" , a "city scape" , "a bus stop","beach" , a "Tea House" or "Sweet Dreams" and all of them look pretty slick and tasteful.

The dynamic effect in the themes is that they change with your own local time of day, current weather conditions or season and provide you entertaining surprises. If you add the beach theme, for example (changes with time of day), it will ask you for your Zip code and adjust itself to match your local sunrise and sunset times.
To use Google Themes just go to, login if you aren’t, and hit the “Select theme” link to the right side and you can load your favorite scheme.
Google has given a modest start and wants the Google Personalized page to be a bit personal and and so its offering limited designs for now and users can't built their own designs but who knows maybe it’s a start for something big to come out !!!