How to burn Bootable CD?

Saturday, October 13, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Get the bootable CD or Floppy of the operating system

Start Nero v5.5 and select the CD Rom(boot) in the main Window .The windows that opens gives you the option to select the drive in which bootable floppy /CD is located .Here make sure that bootable floppy /CD is in the drive otherwise the drive letter will not be highlighted .
Put the blank media in the writer and leave ISO and misc tab as it is .
Give the appropriate name in the label section for the bootable CD .Select the burn tab and check ‘Write and Finalise the CD ‘.Select the disk at once write method and click on the new tab.
The bootable CD will be left with lots of unused space ,it can be utilised to burn drivers and updates for your PC.
Switch to the write tab and and select the safe writing speed ,according to your system’s configuration.You are now ready to write the CD.
Check the CD by booting the system with it.