Internet Explorer Tips and Tricks

Monday, October 08, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

How to Clear Internet Cache in Internet Explorer?

Clearing the Internet Explorer Browser Cache can retrieve disk space and can also avoid problems on certain web pages .To clear the files :
1. Open Tools > Internet Options .
2. Under the General tab , click the Offline pages and click on Delete Files, to clear the cache.

How to Save or Print Links in Internet Explorer

You can save or print the information from linked Web pages without displaying the page on screen.

1. Right click the link.
2. Click ‘Save Target As’ to save the linked page to your hard disk
3. Click ‘Print Target’ to print the linked page .

How to set a page Offline

To set a page offline so that you can read it even when you are not connected to internet.

1. Click to favorites menu

2. Click ‘Add to favorites’

3. Enable ‘Make available offline’.To specify a schedule for updating the page and how much content to download click customize and follow the instructions on the screen