Sansa’s Superior connectivity over Zune

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Wi-Fi enabled media player Microsoft Corp’s Zune’s wireless capability is stunted as compared to the Sansa Connect.Zune can connect only to nearby Zunes and users can use its Wireless capabilities only to temporarily share music.

Sansa Connects directly to the Yahoo’s Internet based music and image services.If you subscribe to Yahoo! Music unlimited once you can find and download individual tracks and albums .You can also view Photos stored on Yahoo Flickr service.And it’s a rush listening to streaming net radio offered by Yahoo’s LAUNCHcast radio which offers about 150 streaming stations.Sansa Connect also does music sharing far better than Zune .With Zune , users who are near enough to connect directly via Wi-Fi can be connected .Whereas Sansa Connect uses Yahoo messenger to look for friends who are connected anywhere using a computer or another Sansa Connect.You can see what music they are listening to and download from Yahoo.Once downloaded you can listen to the music all you want .Zune allows only three days after which you must purchase the song.