The Search Bar in Firefox : Drunk on Search!

Monday, May 26, 2008 Posted by Aman Jain

When you first launched Firefox, you probably noticed that there were two textboxes into which you could type text. One of these is the location bar, into which you can type URLs; the other has a funny looking “G” next to it.
The “G” is actually an icon for the Google search engine, and this textbox is called the “search bar.” If you type in a search phrase, and hit Enter, Firefox will take you to the Google search results page for that phrase. Go ahead and try it out for yourself: it’s a very convenient arrangement. No longer do you have to type in, wait for it to load, and then search using the standard form.
The search bar saves a good three seconds each time you do a search—possibly more if you’re on dial-up. Since the average Web surfer performs 12 searches per hour,that’s a good 36 seconds saved for every hour spent online, or 14.4 minutes per day, or 3.65 days per year! Imagine what you could do with those 3.65 days.

You could take a three-day vacation and still have 0.65 days left in which to do nothing. When the Firefox folks say that Firefox helps make your online experience more productive, they aren’t just boosting the marketing hype: the productivity increases are real.


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