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Wednesday, June 04, 2008 Posted by Aman Jain

No doubt you've found a program or two that you didn't know existed or at the very least didn't know Google was responsible for. There are plenty of them out there, some more useful than others
These are the types of programs that have no direct bearing on your day-to-day activities, but could come in handy when you find yourself in need of inspiration.
The first of these tools is Google Zeitgeist. This is a handy ranking of the top- ranking search queries of the week, month, and year, both domestically and internationally. So, why should you care? You may not. But if you want to know what's on the mind of people who use Google, the Zeitgeist is the best place to find out. And you can go directly to Google Zeitgeist at the following Web address:
Google Trends is another program you might find interesting. It enables you to see how often people have searched for topics of interest to you over time. A good use for Google Trends is if you're considering a marketing campaign. You can use Google Trends to let you know how or how often keywords associated with your marketing campaign might be searched for. If you're interested in Google Trends, you can find it at
Two final jewels that might interest you are Google Blog and Google Groups. Actually, there are nearly 30 official Google blogs and probably even more groups. The blogs can all be accessed from the main Google Blog at
Google is constantly changing. These blogs are the best way to keep up with what's happening at Google now and what's coming in the future. You'll also find tips and examples of how to use the various programs covered by each of the blogs.
Google-related groups, which are mailing lists that you can join, are also a useful tool if you want to know more about product features or how others use various features of a particular product.
You can find Google Groups at To find groups related to a specific Google product, search for that product or browse the group categories by clicking the Browse group categories link near the bottom of the page.
Google has so much to offer that you could spend days just browsing through the various programs and information related to those programs. Eventually, however, you'll probably need to get something done. Whether it's write a letter to a colleague or friend, create a Web site, keep up with appointments, or have a phone conversation, Google has the tools you need.