Include additional clocks from all over the world

Sunday, December 07, 2008 Posted by Aman Jain

In previous version of windows one can view only one clock at a time. But in vista , there has been a major advancement towards this feature. By just placing the mouse pointer over the clock , you can additionally view two more clocks of different time zone thus helping you to keep track of time around the world.To do so :

1) Right click on the system clock and select the “Adjust Date/Time option.

2) Click the “Additional clocks“ tab.

3) Select “Show this clock“.

4) Now click on an appropriate time zone “ drop down bx

5) Enter a description for the clock in the “Enter display name“ text box.The second clock is now activated.

6) To activate the third clock , follow steps 3 to 5 and click “OK”