Insert sound files in MS word

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Posted by Aman Jain

Do you find your text documents plain and boring? If you are of the type that likes to give your documents a push towards multimedia ,Word allows you to liven up your documents by inserting sound files in your document .Here is how you can do it .

1)Position the cursor where you want the sound to be inserted

2)Choose the "Object " option from the "Insert" menu.

3)The "Object" dialog box is now displayed .

4)Select the "Create from file" tab .

5)Click "Browse" and use the dialog box to locate a sound file stored on your computer that you want included in your document .

6)Click "OK".

7)An icon that looks like a speaker is inserted in your document.You can listen to your sound file by simply double-clicking the speaker icon.

Note: Apart from sound you can also add media like videos and images , by following the same steps as above.