Nokia developer conference 2009

Monday, December 29, 2008 Posted by Aman Jain

On 20th January, 2009 Nokia is organising a mobile developer conference at Trinity, Taj Residency, Bangalore.Nokia Developer Conference 09 is a movement by Forum Nokia to share and demonstrate the technological advancements & opportunities in the field of Mobile VAS.You can visit the website for mobile application developers at

Telecommunications had traditionally been a voice communication service. The services today have moved beyond their fundamental role of voice communications to a spectrum of non-core services, which in telecommunication parlance is called Value Added Services (VAS).

Sessions that will take place
1. Mobile VAS industry
This session will be on the current state of industry and the future of VAS where important industry speakers from Operators, Government, Nokia and Forum Nokia will share their views .The impact of 3G on mobile applications will also be discussed.
2. Mobile Technology Evolution
This session will take up various mobile technologies used by developers -Symbian , Java , Open Source and others along with the evolution of Smart Phone technologies and its impact on mobile applications.
Presentations will explain the conscious switch from ring tones and games to the development of widgets, applications and services that empower users or the end consumer.
3. Technology Showcase
In this session you can see what you possibilities you can create with mobile applications built on Java, using Location Based Services, Widgets for Mobiles and more. You could learn how to start building those powerful mobile applications.
4. Developer Evangelization
In this session learn directly from successful innovators. The successful developers will showcase their applications and share their roadmaps – from concepts to application adoption.

For the detailed knowledge of sessions that you can go to
To get registered you can visit the link

So, whether you are a Mobile or IT Application developer, an aggregator, an operator, a content provider, a game developer, an IT or Internet company, a publisher, a retailer or even an analyst, You can’t afford to miss the Infinite Possibilities at Nokia Developer Conference 09!!Register now!!