SMS- When to be used ?

Friday, February 13, 2009 Posted by Aman Jain

Send Reminders- Text your spouse on her way home from work to pick up milk at the store .Remind your child to call when you get there.Text your future self reminders about to- do's or appointments .

Search the web- Major web search engine Google and Yahoo- and a smaller , new company, 4INFO- offer SMS search result to your cellphone via text message on the spot.For Example you can text GOOGL (or 46645) the message Underworld 11215 to find the showtimes for the latest Underworld film in the 11215 Zip code . Get the flight arrival times, weather ,sports scores ,dictionary definitions , stock prices and more via SMS .

Find a friend in a loud place - You are at a concert trying to meet up with a friend and you can't hear a thing .This is the time to text . SMS also comes in mighty handy in libraries , at parties , or at religious services, where talking is not possible or is a no-no.