Yahoo Messenger 9 - Features

Saturday, April 11, 2009 Posted by Aman Jain

Yahoo messenger 9 comes with an improved look and feel for instant messaging.It includes some attractive themes and a better view of your contacts .The number of buttons and controls displayed on the main window are fewer than in previous renditions of the messenger .

The 'Preferences menu' allows you to change some vital settings .Everything from alerts to the start up of the software can be controlled and the settings can be a preset from here.

To set away from boring chat windows you can make use of IMVironments in Yahoo!.These act as mood setters and add a different flavor to your chatting experience.
Click on the 'IMVironments' button and select the IMVironment that suits you best.Doodle is a special IMVironment that allows you to draw on your chat window using virtual crayons.It also includes games that can be played with the person you are chatting with.

In addition to the pre-installed features of yahoo messenger, you can add some more features and applications .Click on the ‘Activities’ button present I the chat window.The plug-ins will be enlisted on your screen in a separate dialog box.Initiate any application plug-in by clicking ‘start’.

Calling someone for free from your PC is good enough , but calling them and watching them speak to you as ell is something anyone would love .Yahoo! allows you to make PC-PC calls with crystal clear sound.

Yahoo messenger is compatible with other messengers(Windows Live Messenger , MSN, LCS and Lotus Sametime).This means that you can add and chat with contacts who have accounts with these chat servers.Click on ‘Contacts| Add Contact’ ad enter the email address of the person along with the network name.