Gmail Ninja

Tuesday, July 07, 2009 Posted by Suchismita

What is Gmail Ninja??

We all know that a ninja is a person who is perfect & master in martial arts & "GMAIL" undoubtedly is the best online email management system right now.. But now you must be wondering "WHAT IS GMAIL NINJA???"
What is the relation between gmail & ninja ??

GMAIL NINJA are those who are experts of using every service provided by gmail. Or in other words we can say that if someone knows all the functions/tools of gmail, and can process their email very quickly and efficiently.

All the functions of gmail are provided on the "Google Tips" Page which is made by the Google employees. It is a list of best email productivity ideas from the google employees of different parts of company.

The page is divided into 4 parts:-
(1) White Belt
(2) Green Belt
(3) Black Belt
(4) Gmail Master.

These parts are the levels. White Belt describes the most basic things, while Gmail Master describes the expert level tips.

Gmail ninja is all about how you manage our gmail account. Or in other words we can say that Gmail ninja is the designation provided to you if you are capable of handling your everyday lots of emails easily.

There are so many tips to maintain your account as in instead of exchanging emails you can do voice conference or chat with the person of the other side.

Or you can clean up your inbox not by deleting your inbox messages but by moving the messages to other folder with the option of "Move to"

Or you can send sms directly using gmail..

These are some of the ways to manage the gmail account quickly & easily..
You Will find many more such tips in google tips.... These tips will help you for becoming a gmail ninja. You can also suggest some of your innovative ideas..

White Belt as mentioned above is the basic level. You will become the White belt if you can manage your gmail account very easily by using the very common function of gmail..
If you use some different ways you can reach the second level..

And similarly you can become the "gmail ninja" if you use all the services & options provided by gmail & cam manage your gmail account..

Gmail Tips Page also contains the Printable PDF files, which is very helpful when you can not spend more time on computer.

Now being very honest, I would like to inform you that gmail ninja tips are actually not going to help you anyway.....