Run Linux Aplications inside Windows

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 Posted by Aman Jain

Now you can run Linux from inside the Windows without a reboot.Aallow me to introduce you to something called Ulteo Virtual Desktop[], an open source application that nicely integrates into your windows operating system and allows you to work on a full Linux system.Its main benefit is that you could run Linux and Windows applications simultaneously within the same desktop environment without rebooting the system.

You can download the Ulteo Virtual desktop from its website, which you can install on windows(setup file =510MB in size).It supports a ful range of Linux Applications like Firefox,,KPDF,Skype, Thunderbird,The GIMP,Inkscape and many others .
After downloading it, successfully double click on the .exe file .Follow the onscreen instructions and if everything goes fine within five minutes the Ulteo Virtual Desktop will be installed on your Windows system .

Run the Ulteo Virtual desktop and you will see a panel at the top of the screen .You can browse through all the Linux applications by using the drop down menu and run them alongside the windows applications .

The default username will be 'me' and password 'me' too .You can explore all the linux applications by yourself without having to install a Linux OS on your PC!!