Connect to multiple IM networks through one application

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 Posted by Aman Jain

Being in touch with friends has always been a good thing. Installing 5 instant messaging(IM) applications so as to connect with all of them will not be a good thing due to the RAM usage that follows.

The trillion instant messaging application supports connecting to multiple IM networks. That way a user could be logged on to MSN, YAHOO, GTALK, ICQ, SKYPE, etc. all from same application.
The amount of Ram you can save by doing so is unbelievable—about 3/4rth of system memory is saved that is otherwise consumed by multiple IM applications.

ASTRA is th 4rth version of Trillion, currently under controlled beta testing. After a free registration. You get access to the application only to the free version. Though( the PRO version costs some money). Besides the features you would expect of a good IM client, trillion also support logging chats, skinning and looks really good.

If you have multiple accounts on the same network (such as 2 accounts on MSN messenger), you can be logged in to both at the same time using Trillian. Notifications are also available to email accounts, Twitter, Facebook & Myspace IM.


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  3. Dr-Hack said...

    Nimbuzz is better option here ... or the new msn has it all , not all most of it i guess :)

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