Firefox Shortcuts

Monday, July 04, 2011 Posted by Aman Jain

Command Shortcuts

Help [F1]

Add Bookmark [Ctrl] + [D]

Bookmarks Sidebar (toggle) [Ctrl]+[B]

[Ctrl] + [I]

Browsing History (toggle) [Ctrl] + [H]

Download History [Ctrl] + [J]

Clear Private Data [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Del]

Full Screen (toggle) [F11]

Increase Text Size [Ctrl] + [+] [Ctrl] + Scroll down

Decrease Text Size [Ctrl] + [-],[Ctrl] + Scroll up

Restore Text Size [Ctrl] + [0]

Print [Ctrl] + [P]

Reload Page [F5], [Ctrl] + [R]

Force Reload Page (override cache) [Ctrl] + [F5],[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [R]

Stop Loading [Esc]

Save Page As [Ctrl] + [S] ,[Alt] + Left-click

Page Source [Ctrl] + [U]

DOM Inspector [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [I]

Go Down One Line [Down Arrow]

[Alt] + Scroll down

Go Up One Line [Up Arrow]

[Alt] + Scroll up

Go Down One Screen [PageDown],[Spacebar]

Go Up One Screen [PageUp],[Shift] + [Spacebar]

Go to Bottom of Page [End]

Go to Top of Page [Home]

Move to Next Frame [F6]

Move to Previous Frame [Shift] + [F6]

Move Focus to Next Actionable Item [Tab]

Move Focus to Previous Actionable Item [Shift] + [Tab]

Open Home Page [Alt] +Home

Back one Page [Alt] + [Left Arrow],[Ctrl] + [, [Shift] + Scroll down


Forward one Page [Alt] + [Right Arrow]

[Ctrl] + []]

[Shift] + Scroll up

[Shift] + [Backspace]

Open Link [Enter]


Open Link (in new Background Tab)2 [Ctrl] + [Enter]

[Ctrl] + Left-click


Open Link (in new Foreground Tab)2 [Ctrl] + [Shift] + Left-click

[Shift] + Middle-click


Open Link in New Window [Shift] + [Enter]

[Shift] + Left-click

Save Link Target As [Alt] + [Enter]

Caret Browsing [F7]

Open New Tab [Ctrl] + [T]

Double-Click on Tab Bar

Close Tab [Ctrl] + [W]

(close Window if only one tab) [Ctrl] + [F4]

Middle-click on Tab

Undo Close Tab [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [T]

Next Tab [Ctrl] + [Tab]

[Ctrl] + [PageDown]

Previous Tab [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Tab]

[Ctrl] + [PageUp]

Select Tab [1 to 9] [Ctrl] + [1…9]

Open New Window [Ctrl] + [N]

Close Window [Ctrl] +[Shift] + [W]

[Alt] + [F4]

Select Location Bar [Ctrl] + [L]

[Alt] + [D]

Complete .com Address 1 [Ctrl] + [Enter]

Complete .net Address 1 [Shift] + [Enter]

Complete .org Address 1 [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Enter]

Open Address in New Tab 1 [Alt] + [Enter]

Open File [Ctrl] + [O]

Select Search Bar [Ctrl] + [K]

Select Next Search Engine in Search Bar [Ctrl] + []]

Select Previous Search Engine in Search Bar [Ctrl] + [Up Arrow]

Open List of Search Engines in Search Bar Alt+ [Down Arrow]

Alt+ [Up Arrow]

Select Next Entry [Down Arrow]

Select Previous Entry [Up Arrow]

Toggle Checkbox [Spacebar]

Select Next Auto-Complete Entry [Down Arrow]

Select Previous Auto-Complete Entry [Up Arrow]

Delete Individual Auto-Complete Entry [Shift] + [Del]

Select All [Ctrl] + [A]

Find in This Page [Ctrl] + [F]

Find Again [Ctrl] + [G]


Find Previous [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [G]

[Shift] + [F3]

Quick Find Text [/]

Quick Find Link [‘]