Setup pop3 email on android

Saturday, July 23, 2011 Posted by Aman Jain

Although Gmail is a great application, people have other email accounts as well.You ll be glad to know that you can hook up to any POP3 or IMAP4 mail server. The setup is quick and easy, and you can add several other email accounts with ease.

1. Tap the Application Tab, and then tap Email.

2. .Press the Menu button , and then tap accounts.

3. Enter the email address and password for your account. Tap Next.

4. Your Phone attempts to retrieve the settings for your email account.If this fails , Tap the button for the account type you want to add.

5. Enter your incoming email server settings.You need to obtain these from your email provider.

6. Tap Next.Your Phone validates your incoming email settings.

7. Enter you outgoing server settings and tap Next.

8. When your account is validated you would be asked for some basic information such as how often you would like your phone to check for email and whether you want to be notified when you receive new messages. Tap Nest and you are done.

9. Enter the name of your account if you 'd like.You don't need to enter the name , but it can be helpful if you have multiple accounts.

10. Enter your name . This is the name that is displayed whenever someone else reads your email.Tap Save, and you are done.

You can now send and receive email messages on your phone . You can create multiple accounts from different providers.