Google Dodgeball

Monday, April 23, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain is available in New York and only available in 22 cities in North America .Imagine yourself at a fast food joint-your favorite in your city.So when you are looking to hook upwith your buddies and have a great timewith your friends,use Dodgeball.Its a location based mobilesocial networking service through which you can link up with your friends and acquaintances in your vicinity. is a start up based in New York.After its acquisition google enabled the option of logging into the service using a google IDin addition to the usual Dodgeball login.Using Dodgeball is free but users are charged standard text messaging rates.Once registered on Dodgeball or logged in through your Google account ID,you can sms your contacts and let them know your where abouts in the city.You can also stay connected with your friends or find new crushes much like in orkut.
The service is designed for social networking based on location mapped by the users .A map of city is available where fav and popular check inscan be mapped by users to let others know where they have been lately.
For eg. Dodgeball users log in through their cell phones by texting their location,say ABC,restaurant,to 36343(“dodge”)with the message “@ABC restaurant” and all your friends and friends of friends who are nearby and logged into dodgeball will get a message about your whereabouts.Later when you log in to your account you can se a map of your checkins and your friends checkins too.

There are few basic requirements in order to make best out of this Google service.
A cellphone .
An account at through Google accounts .
Your friends should have registered at dodgeball or you can add them

Now see how this service works.
Step 1 Sign up for Dodgeball using your Google ID.
Step 2 Log in to Dodgeball by registering your phone detailsand selecting your service provider.You will receive a four digit code on your mobile phone which you use to activate your phone.
Step 3 When you log in to your Dodgeball account from a mobile phone by sending an SMS about your location to 36343,Dodgeball will send a text message to the circle of your Dodgeball registered friends.Also a message is sent to friends of your friends with your name and location.You will also receive pictures if you have a camera phone and if you selected your option to receive pictures. So friends go and try out Dodgeball!!

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