Wednesday, April 18, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

After Google Talk ,Hello is another instant messaging (IM)service by google with a different take.It is an application for sharing digital images with friends –no websites and no email required to share your photos with Hello.The only requirement is that both the sender and the receiver need to have the Hello program installed.Get it at

You can share photos with your friend while chatting –no resizing the high quality photos or wasting time waiting images to upload.Blogger users can also upload photos and add captions directly through Hello.It has also Bloggerbot which is in your buddylist and directly uploads photos to your blogger blog.At present Hello only supports JPEG files.

You can images using IM and simultaneously add comments and chat with your friend.The receiver will receive images in a few seconds depending on the speed and then the images can be saved or printed.
Hello’s only drawback is that you cant share pictures with more than one user at the same time.But it can be used with or without picassa.Your photos and chat are secure as the application connects you by peer to peer networking even when your firewall is on.All chats and photos transferred are protected with 128 bitadvanced encryption Standard (AES) encryption
Smiley and Fun shortcuts
Np= No Problem
b= Bye
brb =Be Right Back
bfn=Bye foe now
md= most definitely

When images are sent Hello optimizes them for quick transmission.Received images are stored in the My Pictures folder by default,but you can change this if you want.You can drag and drop images from any folder with windows explore and Picassa albums.While you chat you can also see which photo your friend is currently viewing,thanks to a small pop up window above the filmstrip on the right.
BloggerBot is a kind of Gateway by which images with captions can be post directly on your Blogger Blog.Clock BloggerBot in your friends list and you will reach the Blogger Home page.So you can log in your Blogger blog and manage your photos directly.

So friends try out Google Hello.

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