Mamma Search Engine

Thursday, May 17, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Claiming to be the mother of all search engines Mamma ( ) gives fast results for your queries .And its got some pretty cool advanced features as well.

Search Operators
Search operators make life a little simpler when you’re searching through reams of pages to locate elusive information .In Mamma ,you can use both mathematical as well as Boolean operators ,to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Refining your Search
Mamma provides a pretty nifty service called ‘Refine your Search’ that provides links to further subtopics with in a search .This feature provides more specific topic searches .If you input a general query such as ‘linux kernel programming’,the refine search options will include ‘kernel programming’ as well as ‘Linux device drivers’

Power Search
Use the power search option found on the main page to fine tune your search .Here under ‘Select search sources ‘,you can select the directories and indexing engines to be used by windows .Under ‘pay per click ‘ you can safely choose to ignore all the options ,since the results displayed here may not be relevant to your search .Set adult content reduction if desired and other options such as highlighting search terms .Also set the other options for speed ,number of results displayed ,descriptions ,and whether you want the results to open in a new window.
News Search
In there are different categories in the news link consisting of world ,Business and Finance ,Technology,Entertainment,Health,Science ,Sports Arts and Literature.The five Top stories are displayed in the middle column and the third column consista of More top headlines.You can click any of the categories link and find the five top stories of that link in the middle column.The categories can also be selected from the Search Scroll Box.