Business Card CD / Shape CD

Monday, June 11, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Fit your Company into little packages! Stand out above and beyond your competition!

Business card CDs / E-cards interactive business cards - whatever names you choose for them, they are the revolutionary sales and marketing tool for the 21st century.

E-business card packs all the multimedia punch of a fully operational CD-ROM into the size and shape of a traditional business card. Holding up to 30mb of multimedia information, combine the emotional impact of television, the brand building of radio, and the interactivity of the Internet - all in a presentation that fits in your pocket.

'Business card CDs' produce by Digitally CD Duplication can combine digital audio, video, text, 3D computer animations, voice-overs, Virtual Reality, links to Websites and e-mail, and even fully interactive formats. With these cards, your company gets a professional sales tool that's on the cutting edge of marketing technology, yet costs less than an ordinary print brochure.

The applications for CD cards are virtually limitless - your most creative marketing ideas can be brought to life for product launches, catalogs, promotions, special events, trade shows and much, much more.

Electronic business cards differentiate your company and clients as industry leaders who understand market trends. Your client just places the card into their computer's regular CD drive, and your company's dynamic presentation starts up automatically, impressing with tremendous visual impact and high-tech appeal. Links to your Website and e-mail included on the CD card will drive more traffic to your site and increase customer interaction. CD cards easily help you build your client base; statistics show that the average person shows a CD cards to at least 4 other people.

Business on CDs is the sales and marketing tool of the future. The Digitally CD Duplication production team can produce customized e-cards using '2D and 3D animations', virtual reality, and custom audio and visual effects including streaming video and voice-overs.

Imagine handing your people business cards with your presentation on it.

The Business Card CD is a working CDROM the size of a business card. The CD has become very popular recently as people have discovered its power as a marketing tool. The unique shape of the CD offers real ‘wow’ factor, and differentiates your materials from traditional brochures, handouts, standard CD ROMs, etc. And the 'Business Card CD' has a viral effect— people love to pass the CDs around and show them to colleagues. Everyone that uses your CD is right where you want them — viewing your presentation and linking to your Web site.


  1. Eco Disk said...

    Hello all,

    A CD business card is a kind of innovative, eye catching card-shaped compact disc that make the right first impression and also provide more information than what traditional commercial ones can provide. Power Media is a professional manufacturer in making the product. Thanks a lot!