How to Create Keyboard shortcuts

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

You can automate just about any point and click operation you perform with the mouse .Here’s a variety of ways to make Keyboard shortcuts.

Windows lets you assign a keyboard command to any shortcut icon,.Just right click the icon in question ,click Properties ,and click in the ‘shortcut’ key field.Press the keyboard combo you want to assign to launch the shortcut;It must include one standard character plus two or three of , ,or .

To make more robust arrangements try the appropriately named freeware app keyboard Shortcuts( .With such shortcuts you can launch any file ,perform system commands (such as logging off and shutting out),or open any URL in a browser.One shortcut can even perform several of these actions,simultaneously or in sequence .

For even more complex shortcuts ,get a macro recorder that can capture detailed steps and repeat them on command.The workspace Macro Program ( can capture anything you type ,as well as mouse movements and clicks.

Just click New to record a macro ,and click Stop after you have done all your typing and mousing .If you want to assign keyboard shortcuts to your macros,you will need a separate program .