Creative offers Laser Mouse

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

This laser Gaming mouse from Creative gets “Fatality” stamp courtesy of Mr . Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, the best known professional first person shooter (FPS) gamer in the world.A regular optical mouse will keep the home user happy for most applications but ask a gamer on his advice on the mouse and he will have more than just two bits about what makes a good mouse great .Offering adjustable weights ,laser sensor and adjustable sensitivity the mouse is made keeping the gamer in mind.The Logitech G5 mouse was the first one to introduce adjustable weight;this mouse from Creative is pitted in the same slot.
The laser sensor on this mouse is capable of delivering a maximal optical resolution of 2400 CPI(counts per inch ).
The sensitivity can be adjusted on the fly by pressing the sensitivity button on the mouse that toggles between 400/800/2400 CPI.The mouse is significantly accurate than any other mainstream optical mouse rated at 800 CPI.The laser sensor actually makes a difference ,but the advantage is primarily restricted to gaming.
The mouse has a fairy compact foot print when compared to other gaming mice from Logitech ,the idea behind keeping it more compact is to ensure that the user controls the mouse by fingers alone ,without resting the palm on it .While this aids in shooter games its not exactly suitable for other gaming or general usage .In comparison the G5 and MX 518 from Logitech are also gaming mice but they are equally suitable for other applications ,increasing their overall appeal.Thus the Creative Fatality laser gaming mouse has a very restricted appeal.Priced at Rs 4000 the mouse is at par with the Logitech G5 .The Logitech G5 is equally capable at gaming with its laser sensor and is a much better option for general usage.