Diskeeper 2007 Pro Makes Defragging easy

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Everytime you save data onto your hard drive or for that matter use your PC –your operating system saves files as bits spread throughout your hard drive.and though file access time is less of a problem than it used to be ,utilities like Executive Software’s Diskeeper 2007 Pro Premier can help optimize your system’s performance .
In my informal hands on experience ,Diskeeper 2007 Pro markedly accelerated the computers speed ;I now jump from my Windows XP log in to a usable desktop in half the time it took previously and access times for some frequently used files improved considerably.
An older machine ,highly fragmented from years of use could see improvement from Diskeeper 2007 Pro premier .But with newer systems ,your mileage and benefit from the software may vary.though it won’t solve all of your PC’s pokiness problems the Rs 2250 investment may be worth it.


  1. crafter said...

    Fragmentation can make your system perform as if they are crippled and old. It takes away the zipping speed that the system displays when its very new.The HDD is already a weak link in the system performance device being a mechanical device and fragmentation only adds to it by putting extra strain on the HDD which has to work to read each fragment of the file thats spread over.

  2. Aman Jain said...

    The computer stores the files in its memory in a haphazard way .When it has to access the file it has to search through its memories database for the file .Disk fragmentation puts the files which are scattered in the system into contiguous locations.So the computer takes less time to search the data from its memory therby enhancing the system's speed.