Wednesday, June 27, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

While AMD prepares its next set of processors –a multicore design code named Barcelona and due this summer –Intel has already demonstrated samples of its more advanced Penryn chip.Its manufactured in a 45nm process that uses halfnium based high –k dielectric and metal gates to decrease current leakage and yield faster more energy efficient chips .The new materials help combat problems that manufactures start to run into as chips shrink.Intel’s 45nm manufacturing process should be the first to massproduce CPU’s using the se innovations .Penryn slightly refreshes the core duo 2 design with additional cache memory and new SSE4 instructions and should ship in the second half of the year .AMD and IBM plan to introduce a similar manufacturing process when they transition to 45nm chips next year.

Bottom line :Intel has built a nice performance lead over AMD with its core duo chips .With Penryn waiting in the wings and AMD Athlon CPU’s stuck for a while on a 65nm process ,Barcelona had better be one heck of a chip.