How to partition your Hard Drive?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

If you are out space on your system,its time to add a new hard drive to your PC –or just reconfigure an old one .There is no real need to set up even the largest drives into multiple partitions .(each with its own drive letter)anymore as the System BIOS can access all the storage in one .However partitions can still make for good housekeeping,and you might consider creating a separate partition for any network shares you’d like to make –say for storing drivers and software installation files that you want to reuse and want easy access to .Or you may wish to use one partition to install the Operating System and critical apps and other for your data files,which will simplify backup tasks .here is how you go about it.

1.Partitioning as you install Windows :Use Windows Setups partitioning systems to get partition appropriately as you go through the Process.Format the partitions with NTFS.After you installed windows ,copy any data that you need from the original dive to the new one.

2.Partitioning under Windows: To set up a new or existing drive in Windows ,go to Start >Settings>Control Panel and click administrative tools >Computer Management>Storage>Disk Management.Your drive should appear ,new drives will show as unformatted space .Partition the space by Right clicking in the unformatted area and selecting New Partition;then to format each partition,right click in the Partition and choose New Logical Drive.

Copious third party tools offer options to ease partition management and disk maintenance ,NortonPartitionMagic ( =sp&pvid=pm80)and Diskeeper Home( streamline operations if you are uncomfortable working with Windows Tools .Users with lots of PC experience can save some dough when thy add a new drive by buying it bare-no kits ,utilities,or OS.Such a drive works well if you are not planning to use it as a boot disk or if you intend to install Windows fresh.