Saturday, July 07, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

LED in your Laptop
:New high end and thin and light models of notebooks should begin to include displays with LED backlights , a technology we have been tracking for a while now .Compared with traditional CCFL backlights ,LED’s are thinner ,reproduce more of the color spectrum ,and use less power leading to better looking laptops with more battery life .Sony already puts LED backlights in its VAIO SZ series ;rumour has it ,Apple and HP will jump on the bandwagon this summer.

Suing Spammers
While your inbox continues to overflow with phishing attempts and Viagra offers ,you can take solace in the fact that some spammers finally have to face the music – and possibly jail time .Jeffery Goodin , a phisher who targeted AOL users was the first to be convicted under the CNN – SPAM act and faces upto 101 years in prison .And online heavyweight MySpace is embarking on its own anti spam battle .It is suing Scott Richter , a once notorious spammer who settled a high profile suit with Microsoft and New York state in 2004 .MySpace claims that Ritcher sent millions of unsolicited bulletins to its users .