Tips For a Faster Hard Drive

Saturday, July 07, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Defrag your hard drive the right way ;remove big ,useless files find duplicates
Have you uncovered the secret to a faster hard drive as yet ?It’s removing unnecessary files and defragging your drive .I ve got the tools and tricks ………………………..

The hassle: I ran the windows Disk Defragmenter ,but when I tried another defragging tool ,it said that my drive was still mostly fragmented .Which one should I believe?

The fix : The windows tool misses Restore points –files that are created and deleted each day ,take up 13 MB eaxh on my PC and are scattered all over the drive .Also third party tools permit you to decide how to defrag – say by packing the files tighter.
One defragger that I recommend is Golden Bow system’s Rs 1800 Vopt 8.This program is compatible with Vista and XP ,and it defrags Restore Points .among Vopt’s neat extras are tools for deleting temp files a slick feature that closes unnecessary apps ,including windows services and a way to automatically defrag multiple drives and then shut down the system .Get a trial at No matter which program you use ,get a better defrag with these simple tricks .

Defrag early and often.
Open applications don’t get defragged so close them all before you begin .Ditto for tools that reside in the system tray.

Delete temporary and Internet cache files using CCleaner , a free tools .You can download at


  1. Albert said...

    I have checked out the trial versions of a few of the defraggers on the market, and I have found Diskeeper to be really good because it has a nifty automatic defrag mode. You can enable it for a drive, and it will monitor the defragmentation on the drive and defrag as and when it gets the chance without upsetting running programs. So it works unintrusively in the background, and automatically kicks in when your PC is idle without you having to manually set it. It's a very useful feature. You can download the free trial versions from the diskeeper website

  2. bottleneck said...

    My drive got so badly heaped with junk and extremely fragmented, it brought my recently purchased desktop to its knees. I mean i had to wait for over one minute before my web browser or Outlook would open when i clicked on the icons. It was like sporadic freezes. think the speed of a system and HDD are directly related to fragmentation levels.