Windows XP registry Hacks Tips

Saturday, October 13, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Here are some common and useful registry hacks for XP. All these hacks are done via Regedit.

1.Remove the "shortcut To" text on shortcuts
Browse to HKEY-CUR-RENT-USER>software>Microsoft>Windows>Current Version
Explorer. Click on ‘Explorer’on the right-hand pane you’ll see a list of values . In the list, look for the value “link”.

To modify it, double click it , or right click it and select 'Modify’. In the subsequent windows , delete the previous value and enter the 00”,and save the Registry.

2. Disable balloon tips
Browse to HKEY CURRENT USER>software>Microsoft>Windows >Current Version>Explorer>Advanced’and in the right –hand pane, search for “Enable Balloon Tips”. Double click on it and modify the value to “00,00,00,00”,which is zero in binary and denotes”off”.

3. Remove recent documents from the start Menu
Browse to HKEY-CURRENT-USER>software>Microsoft>windows>CurrentVersion>Policies>Explorer, look for “no Recent Docs Menu”and modify the DWORD to “00,00,00,00”.