Tips and Tricks on Screenshot

Monday, September 29, 2008 Posted by Aman Jain

If you want to take screenshot of just the active window (the one that's most on top and activated), press "Alt - Print Screen". This means, you should hold down the Alt key and then press the Print Screen key.

Many laptops, to conserve keyboard space, have mapped the "PrtSc" key as a primary or secondary function on a shared key. To take a screenshot with "PrtSc" mapped to a key as a secondary function, you will need to locate your notebook's function key (usu. labeled "Fn" and located along the bottom row) and press it before clicking "PrtSc."

If you are planning to use your screenshot to send over internet or upload to your website make sure you select JPG option when you save the file as the JPG file is a compressed image and its size is very less as compared to BMP file . this will ensure Speedy uploading of the screenshot on your server

Depending on your version of Windows, Paint will allow you to save the screenshot in different formats.
BMP is the default option (a lossless uncompressed format) the size of a regular image can go upto 2-3 MB ( eg 2.77 MB BMP image)
PNG is a lossless compressed format (the same image takes 541 KB of space)
JPEG is a lossy, compressed image format, specifically developed for photographic images. For these images, it allows for the smallest file size. (same image saved as JPG takes only 190 KB of space)
GIF is good for applications windows with a limited number of colors as some colours are lost when compressing image to this format. ( the same image takes 120 KB space)

You could apply different effects to your screenshot by using online Photo Editing sites like

Also There are a number of free programs that can make taking a screenshot easier like:
1. MWSnap is a free program that can be used to capture a screen very nicely. It has many options for saving the results of the screenshot. The program is available at

2. ScreenHunter is another useful (free) utility. ScreenHunter allows you to capture the entire screen, the active window, or a specific area you choose by dragging the pointer. It can run in the background and be called at will with a hot-key. It saves in .bmp, .gif or .jpg formats.

3. SNAGIT developed by Techsmith is another brilliant screensaving software.With SNAGIT you caould also capture scrolling windows and edit your captures.