Utilizing Signature Files to increase WebSite Traffic - What is a Signature File ?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 Posted by Aman Jain

A signature file, or sig file as it is commonly referred to, is your electronic business card. It takes the form of a short memo and is attached at the end of your e-mail messages. You can use your signature file in a number of clever ways, from just giving out phone numbers and addresses, to offering some substantial information. Sig files can be used to let people know about a special event or to inform people about an award or honor your company has received.
Most, if not all, e-mail programs allow for the use of a signature file. If yours doesn’t, you should consider switching e-mail programs because sig files can be effective in drawing traffic to your Web site when used appropriately!!
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  1. Bharat Mudgal said...


    I liked this article a lot. I will try and put it to use with my email.

    thanks for sharing the info.