Use Notepad editor as Log book

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 Posted by Aman Jain

Generally at work you need to enter date and time for every new entry or documentation purposes .This can become very tiresome and error prone .You can use windows editor Notepad as your Log Book.It can automatically enter current date and exact time for your notes .

1. Open the Notepad with start|All Programs |Accessories |Notepad under XP and Vista.
2. Type ".LOG " character string in the first line .The "." and the uppercase characters are necessary.
3.Save this file under any name like "LOGBACK.txt" .Then close Notepad .

To quickly access this file in future create a desktop link for it or in the launch bar.As soon as you open the link, Notepad automatically inserts an empty line and the line with current date and time at the end of existing text.all you need is to type your notes after or below it ,save the file and close it.