Fittong text into a cell in microsoft word

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Posted by Aman Jain

If you have finished editing your word document, and then need to add some more text in a table , your entire formatting may go haywire.Word has a way for you to add and format the text in the tables without disturbing the formatting done in the rest of the document .By compressing the text ion the table and keeping the size of the tables same .Here is how you go about it:

1) Select the cell or cells from the table that want to add text in.

2) Choose "Table Properties" from the "Table" menu.The "Table Properties" dialog box is displayed.

3) Click the "Options" button.Word will display the "Cell Options" dialog.

4) Check the "Fit text" check box.

5) Click "OK" to close the "Cell Options dialog box.

6) Click "OK" to close the "Table Properties" dialog box.