Google Street Strange Funny Pics

Friday, April 03, 2009 Posted by Aman Jain

A Nice Day for a Walk With That Special Someone

Ah, Paris--a romantic city full of love. (Sound of record scratching...) But this guy spotted carrying a blow-up doll doesn't look like fodder for France's tourist board. Look closely, and you'll notice that nobody is batting eye at either of them. Will anyone look twice when they stop at a cafe?

Car Kabob

If Transformers character Megatron snacked on

shish kabobs, we imagine they might look like this. The sculpture, by artist Dustin Shuler, is called "Spindle" and can be found in Berwyn, Illinois. Strip-mall parking lots aren't the only place you can look up and see a car. Here is one in a tree in Clinton, Wisconsin, and another suspended from a crane in France.

Jurassic Street View

Dinosaurs are making a break for it in this Street View. The escape is from the Dinosphere exhibit in Indianapolis. The Jurassic breakout is one of many oversized creatures that can be spotted on Street Views such as this dragon in Providence, Rhode Island, or this ladybug spotted crawling up the side of a building in Philadelphia.

Banned: Too Hot for Street Views

Since it launched Street Views. Google has taken a lot of heat for its service. Many complained about objectionable Street Views images, and in many cases Google has removed the offending pictures.

But because of the miracle of the Internet, those images will never really disappear. Here are a few of the classics. In the upper left-hand corner is a Street View from Australia of a man who should have shut the door before taking care of business. Other banned views here include a

raging fire, what appears to be an inebriated man, topless sunbathers, a car trunk that ate a woman, and someone who (we hope) locked himself out of his apartment.

Google most recently removed a series of images that showed a deer hit by the vehicle that captures Street Views for Google. And after the service launched in Great Britain, Google pulled down hundreds of images that people objected to, including one of a man leaving a sex shop and another of a man wearing antlers throwing up outside a pub.