How to create your first website?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009 Posted by Aman Jain

Publishing Your Site

Your Web host ISP may have its own system for uploading pages. Otherwise, obtain a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program. Any will do.

Open your FTP program and log in to your host server by entering your login name and password.

Access the directory where your home page belongs. (Your Web ISP will give you this information.) The directory address is usually in the form of /pub/username, /pub/www/username or /pub/username/www. Your FTP program and host server will have specific instructions on how to access your directory.

Upload each page and graphic of your site according to the specific instructions of the FTP program and your host server.

Getting Started

Choose an ISP to host your Web site.

Investigate several hosting services, considering factors such as maximum space, accessibility, reputation and terms of service.

Select and download a Web-page editor. Several simple editors are available for free; Netscape Composer is one. These editors let you see what your site will look like as you build it, so you won't have to learn HTML or other programming languages.

Your Web-page editor will give you specific instructions about options such as naming your site, creating different sections, creating backgrounds, adding links and inserting images.

Using Images

Create images for your site by drawing them with your computer's paint program or by using a scanner for photographs and other hard-copy images.

If you find an image on another Web page that you'd like to use, e-mail the page's owner or administrator and request permission to download and post it. Download an image from a Web site by right-clicking on it (or clicking and holding on a Mac) and selecting Save Picture.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Modems
  • Scanners
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • FTP Programs
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • Microsoft Word
  • Netscape Composer
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Clip Art CD-ROMs
  • Scanning Software
  • Paint Shop Pro