Saturday, May 30, 2009 Posted by Anonymous

Few of the smartest ways to connect via voice & web are :-

1). Gmail labs :- Visit the labs option in the settings of gmail to access cool things such as offline gmail & gmail tasks. It works in Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, firefox 2.0, Chrome, Safari 3.0 & higher.

2). Affixa Download-- The affixa download sets your email program such as gmail or yahoo mail as a windows default for quick & easy handling of mailto: links & file attachments .

3). DeferredSender -- Suppose you finished a big report at 3 AM but u don't want your boss to know how late u stayed awake? Keep up the appearance of professional cool by using the Deferredsender (registration required) a service that delivers email messages exactly when u want them sent.

4). Postbox-- If your inbox is packed, with attachments try postbox a downloadable desktop email application thats chokefull of awesome tools for organising messages & attachments alike.

5).Skype 4.0 -- While you are on business trips u can see & talk with loved ones easily via the skype 4.0 Voip download, which offers improved video & sound quality.

6). TrapCall -- The simple "TrapCall" service (registration required) shows the number behind virtually any call. TrapCall reveals the phone number for any blocked call that u get.



  1. Sourav said...

    Wow excellent tip Suchismita.But generally we use G-talk, Yahoo messneger and skype for voice in the net.Though I'm happy with Skype I'll give others a try.

  2. Anonymous said...

    excellent writing .